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  iHPP - Invisible Humane Pigeon Preventer

  Installation Kits and Instructions  



iHPP Kit:  With a small 11/64" pilot hole drilled in wood, depending on the hardness of the wood, and a light tap from a wooden or plastic mallet or even small piece of 2x4, our 5 X 3/16 threaded solid rod can be screwed into wood.   Order one threaded rod for every 10, with an additional rod for each turn or abrupt elevation drop.  Estimate and order total distance for monofilament line.

5" Aluminum Rods: $2.60 ea.(iHPP-0205)

5" Stainless Steel Rods:
$3.25 ea. (iHPP-0305)


Installation Tool Kit:  
11/64" drill bit for solid rod: $1.60 (iHPP-0530).  This may also be purchased at your local hardware store.


Additional Tools Required:  Drill for installing solid rod type, hammer to lightly tap both solid rod to start threads, pliers, cloth for padding.

Installation: For solid rod, drill pilot hole at desired angle to a minimum depth of 1.  Tap rod lightly to start thread and screw in.  Pliers and cloth for padding may be necessary to turn solid rod.  Repeat for all supports.  Thread monofilament line, tension slightly, tie knots.



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