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  iHPP - Invisible Humane Pigeon Preventer

  Installation Kits and Instructions  

  Steel or aluminum rail or lintel with a maximum double cross section to 1 1/2

iHPP Kit: Order a minimum of two threaded solid stainless steel or aluminum 6 X 3/16 rods per 10 feet with an additional rod for each turn or abrupt elevation drop.   Longer and shorter rods are available on special request.  Match rod material to railing type to prevent dialectic corrosion.  Estimate and order total distance for monofilament line.

6"Aluminum Rods for Aluminum railing:
$2.70 ea. (iHPP-0206) 

6" Stainless Steel Rods for Steel railing:
$3.50 ea. (iHPP-0306)

Installation Tool Kit:
3/16 drill bit for top hole: $1.80 (iHPP-0501)
#25 drill bit for threaded bottom hole: $2.70 (iHPP-0502)
3/16 through tap: $3.70 (iHPP-0503)
Tap handle: $6.00 (iHPP-0504)
Total Kit Price:  $14.20 (iHPP-0500)

These tools may also be purchased at your local hardware store.

Additional Tools Required:  Drill

Installation: pick a location for each hole that is not directly over a stanchion or you may encounter obstacles.


Drill a hole through both sections with the smaller #25 drill bit.

In most installations, you want to be sure to hold the drill straight and level so that the rod will be straight.  If you are off a bit, the rods may be bent after installation. 


Because of the tap length you will have to re-drill the top hole with the larger 3/16 bit to accommodate the tap shank so that the tap will reach the bottom hole to be threaded. 


Thread the bottom hole with the tap. 


Insert and thread the threaded rod.  When all rods have been installed, thread monofilament line through the hole on top, tension slightly, tie knots.




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