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  iHPP - Invisible Humane Pigeon Preventer

  Installation Kits and Instructions  

  Masonry (concrete, brick, pavers, cement block)

iHPP Machine Anchor Kit: Order a minimum of 2 threaded solid aluminum 5” X 3/16” rods, per 10’ with an additional rod for each turn or abrupt elevation drop.  Order a matching number of 10-24 machine anchors.  Estimate and order total distance for monofilament line.


5" Aluminum Rods: $2.60 ea. (iHPP-0205)

10-24 Machine Anchors: $.35 ea. (iHPP-0523)


Installation Tool Kit:

3/8" masonry drill bit: $2.90 (iHPP-0521)

Machine anchor setting tool: $3.50 (iHPP-0522)

These, along with machine anchors, may also be purchased at your local hardware store.

Total Kit Price: $6.40 (iHPP-0520)


Additional Tools Required:  Hammer and drill.  Hammer drill preferred, and required if installing in concrete.

Installation: Drill hole at desired angle to a depth of 3/4” to 1”. Secure mounting insert into hole with the driver.  Do not “over drive” the soft lead insert with too much force, if loose, you may re-drive, but if driven too hard the threads will be deformed preventing the support installation.  If you need to you may drill out the insert with a smaller standard drill bit or relocate hole.  Repeat for all supports.  Thread monofilament line, tension slightly, tie knots.



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